Secrets of The Master DJ

Let’s get right to it in this post all about DJing and the best practices that will make you a better disc jockey. First up is the kind of turntables that you will encounter. So, what are the two main types of turntable? They are the direct drive and of course not forgetting the belt drive. Basically on the price front, the belt driving turntables are a tad cheaper but on the downside they really don’t produce enough torque as their direct drive counterparts. So as a result, the belt driven turntables do take a while longer to start and therefore to stop as well.

Every Split Second Matters when Mixing a Track

 It could seem a little on the fussy front this but believe us as professional DJs, every split second matters a lot when trying to line up tracks perfectly on your DJ equipment.  Another slight difference is that the belt driven turntables do not have the same amount of turning power (force) so that you will have to touch them with a lot less pressure. Conversely the drive decks are indeed pricier but the main benefit to you is that you will learn quicker on a drive deck.

CD turntables are taking a center stage

Yes you heard it here first, we’re backing CD turntables to be the next big thing in the world of DJing. It’s a very similar experience for the DJ as when they are DJing from, vinyl actually, so if you’re worried that you would have to relearn how to DJ, then think again. You really won’t. Just scratch away as if you were on your favorite set of technics. The other great thing about getting a pair of cool CD turntables is that the price is coming down every year. You can now get a good set of DJing CD decks for under $200. I know that sounds amazing that’s because it is! Absolutely fantastic value for money on your DJ equipment deals.